Doom 3: VR Edition is coming to PS4’s PSVR in March


Doom 3: VR Edition confirms its release on PSVR on March 29. Even if it is based on PS4, it will be compatible with PS5. First trailer revealed.

Bethesda confirms the appearance of Doom 3: VR Edition, a version of the id Software classic adapted to PlayStation VR technology. The title will feature the full base game and its two expansions, Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Mission. It will arrive on PS4 on March 29 and will be compatible with PS5. You can see the first trailer in the header of this news.

What’s new in Doom 3: VR Edition

In a message posted on PlayStation Blog, the company explains that the game had to be adapted to virtual reality to make it possible. The weapons will feature “new textures, shaders and sound effects” only available in this edition. It is indicated that we can make use of the Aim Controller, the accessory that integrates a PlayStation Move controller and the controller in the form of a rifle.

In addition to being able to experience the game in a unique format so far, we will have the possibility of making 180 degree turns to reach the demons faster and a renewed interface.

It is not the first time that the license makes the leap to virtual reality. In 2017 we saw the launch of Doom VFR, a series of missions from Doom 2016 carried over to VR devices. In our analysis we said that it is “frantic, wild” and that “it still maintains all the original essence”. “It seems a bit demanding for novice VR users, but the development of the missions makes us get into the game very quickly,” we explained. You can read the full text here.

PlayStation continues to bet heavily on the virtual reality market. We recently learned of his intention to launch the next generation of PSVR, which will feature outstanding new features that will make it a “dramatic leap” between one and the other. Resolution, draw distance and response will be improved. Unlike the current model, it will be connected using a single cable. Simple installation.


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