“Don’t rate him…” — Hugh Jackman Launches His Campaign Against Ryan Reynolds’ Oscar Nomination by Dropping The Wolverine and Deadpool Bomb


Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds are the funniest celebrity duo in the entertainment industry, having deceived fans with their feud. Fans have enjoyed this amazing scheme for a long time and laughed a lot at this fake rivalry. Meanwhile, they became friends behind the screen after working together on the movie “X-Men: The Beginning: Wolverine”. Since then, we’ve seen them roasting each other in interviews or sending questionable comments on social media.

It was a crazy ride when these sworn enemies make fun of each other, supporting each other in their endeavors. You may remember how the star of Free Guy imitated the star of The Prestige to remind fans to vote for the sexiest man according to People. And now it seems the Aussie actor is doing the same thing as the Oscar appeal, dropping the Wolverine-Deadpool bomb.

Hugh Jackman asks Academy not to include Ryan Reynolds on Oscar shortlist in new video

On Wednesday, Hugh Jackman shared a video in which he asked the Academy not to nominate his “Deadpool 3” colleague in the “Best Original Song” category. Ryan Reynolds, who played alongside Will Ferrell in the Apple TV+ Spirited movie, was shortlisted for the song “Good Afternoon” from the film. The actor praised the Christmas comedy, which he watched with his family, but does not want to listen to him brag about it for a whole year.


“But please, from the bottom of your heart, don’t criticize Ryan Reynolds,” the 54-year-old star joked. Jackman also said that it would be unbearable for him if Reynolds was selected in the Best Song category, since he would have to spend a year with his nemesis to shoot the team of Wolverine and Deadpool. Therefore, if a Canadian actor is nominated for an Oscar, it will be a big problem.

According to Variety, in addition to this hilarious appeal to the audience, he also hinted at the filming of “Deadpool 3“. According to the star of The Front Runner, filming will begin soon, where he will again play his role of Wolverine.

We all know that Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have a long history of superheroes. Now they’re coming back with something amazing that hasn’t been revealed yet. What do you think? How does Wolverine play a role in the Deadpool franchise after his death?


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