Don’t mind YouTube! So you can forget about notifications


Millions of people go to YouTube every day in search of videos with all kinds of content. If you are a user of the Google platform, then you will know that to always be aware of when one of our favorite channels uploads new videos, just subscribe to the channel and have the notifications activated. In this way, every time some of the channels we like the most publish a new video, we will receive a notification.

This can be very useful in most cases, but the truth is that on certain occasions we may need to disable these notices. For example, if we are sharing our screen with someone or projecting a presentation to other people, we may want to prevent YouTube notifications from showing, even if we are followers of a good number of channels, it may finally end up being a nuisance so much notification in a certain moment.

In any case, we can always disable YouTube notifications in our web browser or in the application itself as we show you below.

Disable YouTube notifications in Google Chrome

If we are one of those who use the Google web browser and want to disable YouTube notifications in the browser itself, we can do so from its configuration options. To do this, we open a Chrome window on our desktop, click on the browser’s menu button and choose the Settings option.

Next, we go to the Privacy and security section and click on the Website Configuration option. Now, within the Permissions section, we enter Notifications and this will show us a page where we can block the applications of any website.

To do this, we touch the Add button that is next to the Block option, we write the address of the Google video platform,, and click Add. We will automatically see how the video site is added to the list of websites to which Google Chrome will block notifications.

Turn off YouTube notifications in the app

It is also possible to disable notifications from the app itself. To do this, we open it on our device, touch on the icon of our profile and then touch on the Settings option in the menu. The next thing is to enter Notifications and that is where we will have all the necessary settings to deactivate YouTube notifications in the platform’s app.


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