Don’t know which application to install?


Every time we launch a new mobile, the first thing we do is install all our favorite apps. Also, as time goes by, it is normal to install more and more applications. It is common to have to download several applications to find the one that meets our tastes and needs. This means that on many occasions, choosing the app that we want to install is not an easy task. Google knows this and now it has included a new function that allows us to know at a glance which are the most trending apps at all times.

Yes, it is true that the Android application store has the evaluation of the users themselves, but the truth is that it is not a piece of information that for many is highly reliable or helpful. Perhaps for this reason, Google has decided to add this new information with the aim of becoming a great ally when it comes to choosing which applications to install on our smartphones.

Google Play now tells you which apps are trending on Android

In this way, it is possible to see which applications are trending upward in the store itself and which ones are losing popularity and use within the Android user community. To do this, it has included a new icon that appears next to some applications to indicate if it is an application with a higher trend or if on the contrary it is going down.

At the moment, it is only possible to see this icon within the list of the most popular applications and games. That is, if we open the Google Play Store app on our phone and from the main page we select the Top popular tab, next to each of the games or applications that appear in the list, we will find an icon in the form of a graph with a arrow pointing up or down that indicates its trend.

This icon can be seen in applications that we do not already have installed on our mobile phone or tablet, since in that case it will be shown as installed and no trend icon will be seen.

The truth is that for many users this may not be the determination to install or not an application, but the truth is that for many it may be a great help when deciding which app to install on our phone for certain functions, to know which applications are more fashionable, etc.


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