Don’t be scammed when claiming your Spark tokens


Numerous fake sites have emerged that have lured XRP holders into trying to claim Spark tokens to be issued via airdrop.

Wietse Wind, a Dutch XRPL developer, drew attention to the fraudulent platforms created yesterday for XRP holders’ requests for the Spark (FXRP) token.

How are XRP holders scammed?

Those with XRP need to set up their accounts to claim Spark, the token from Flare Networks, if they are holding these XRPs in their own wallets and not on an exchange. The airdrop will take place right after the snapshot on December 12th.

Wind, who was appointed as a board member of the recently created XRPL Foundation, developed a useful tool for those using the XUMM wallet or the popular cold wallet Ledger at With this tool, users must create an Ethereum-compatible address if it does not exist, and specify it in the MessageKey field in the XRPL to verify account ownership.

Wind reports that many fake copies of this self-created tool have surfaced under different domains. These tools ask users to send XRP during the process of requesting Spark tokens. The sent XRPs cannot be retrieved again. However, the real tool will never ask you to deposit any tokens.

One of these fake sites was registered through Namecheap, and users asked the provider to block phishing scams.

What is a Spark token airdrop?

Ripple-backed blockchain company Flare Networks has decided to issue its own token Spark (FXRP) via distribution to all XRP holders. The company will distribute 45 billion FXRPs. One FXRP will be received for each XRP.

Those who keep their XRP in a wallet whose private keys are under their control should use the helper tool developed to receive these tokens. On the other hand, many wallets and platforms currently support airdrops. Those holding XRP in wallets and platforms that support Airdrop will not need to make a manual transaction.

Currently announced that they will support Uphold, Bitrue, GateHub, AnchorUSD, Cred, Guarda Wallet, BTC Markets, Celsius Network airdrop. Leading exchanges such as Binance, OKEx, Huobi can also be added to this list in the future.

Popular wallet Exodus has added a section in its latest version where users can register their addresses with a single click to request Spark tokens.

According to the latest data, 24,261 accounts and 1.5 billion XRP are ready to buy new tokens.


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