Donkey Kong Country 2 on 23rd Nintendo Switch


Little by little, Nintendo is improving the catalog of NES and SNES games available to subscribers of the Nintendo Switch Online service. Last night, Big N confirmed that Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest will be the flagship of the new wave of titles arriving on its hybrid console. Check out all the news in the trailer below.

The adventure of Diddy and Dixie will be available on September 23, the same date that the beat ’em up The Peace Keepers (Super Nintendo), the Mario’s Super Picross puzzle (until then an exclusive of the Super Famicom) and the shoot ’em up SCAT: Special Cybernetic Attack Team (the only new feature for the NES).

This is a good surprise since, even in September, we also received the addition of the SNES classic Super Mario All-Stars, released together with Nintendo Direct that celebrated the 35 years of Super Mario! Just remember that in order to enjoy all of this, you must have an active Nintendo Switch Online monthly fee.

What did you think of this new wave of classic games added to the video game? Which one do you feel most anxious to play? Comment below!


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