Donating your Christmas tree can help a lot


A Michigan zoo is asking residents to recycle their Christmas trees, donating them to play with and eat the goats that live on the facility.

Lewis Adventure Farm and Zoo, in New Era, explained that any donated tree will be given to a herd of more than 40 goats for their nutrition and entertainment.

“Animals also suffer from winter blues, so they like anything new and unusual. It’s exciting for them, ”Jenny Ferels, brand ambassador for the zoo, told WXMI-TV.

Ferels said that Christmas trees are actually very healthy food for animals.

“Pine needles contain a lot of vitamin C, so they get that extra vitamin and it’s also a natural antiparasitic for goats,” he said.

So for those reasons, goats are best suited to help us dispose of Christmas trees.

“Pine needles, some animals, cannot handle them, but a goat has a very hard mouth, so they can easily eat them. They like the taste, ”Ferels explained.

As reported, the zoo is asking that donated trees be left at a drop off location at the main entrance of the facility. Residents are asked to make sure the trees are clear of all kinds of decorations before they are donated.


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