Donating Donations from Crypto Money Companies to Universities


Crypto companies are making huge donations to universities to increase the interest of our future young people in the blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrencies and to train a specialist generation in this field. Research on blockchain is encouraged, especially with donations that have gained weight over the past few years.

The Given Block, a platform that facilitates crypto donations, said that universities should work harder on this issue and donations will increase with the positive contribution to the existing ecosystem.

The Given Block co-founder Alex Wilson said in a statement on the subject that especially young people who graduated in recent years have given much importance to cryptocurrencies and some have made a small fortune thanks to cryptocurrencies in their student life.

IOHK, the company behind the Cardano (ADA) crypto unit, recently donated $ 500,000 to Cardano to Wyoming University to fund Blockchain research. With the donation principle as much as donors as per Wyoming State’s own laws, this donation went up to $ 1 million.

Bagis will go to the University’s Blockchain Research and Development Laboratory. In return, Cardano will not fall off the agenda, both on blockchain research and on social platforms such as YouTube. The donation will be used not only in Blockchain systems, but also to support the software center within the university.

Similarly, Ripple (XRP) is among the institutions that donate to universities. According to the information on Ripple’s website, the company has donated a total of $ 50 million to universities to develop cryptocurrencies and digital payment systems since 2018. It is a known fact that Ripple cooperates with nearly 30 universities in many subjects.

The company, Block One, behind EOS Blockchain and cryptocurrency, recently made a $ 3 million donation to Virginia Tech University to assist students’ Blockchain skills. The donation will be used in Blockchain courses to be opened by Virgina Tech Technology Officer Dan Larimer.

Computer Scientist Nikolai Mushegian, working on MakerDAO, likewise donated 6 million worth of MKT to Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania (this amount was around $ 4.2 million at the time of the donation).


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