Donates Nearly $ 20K in His Mother’s Savings on Twitch


A little boy spent his mother’s $ 20,000 savings in just 17 days. The little boy, who made his expenses only on Twitch, donated his mother’s savings to those he admired. The unfortunate mother was able to get her money back after long efforts.

Internet usage is getting more and more common day by day. Moreover, this situation is not only valid for a certain age group. Even our little friends who cannot speak yet have become using the internet. Although this may seem impressive at first glance, it actually brings enormous risks with it. If parents do not pay enough attention to their children’s internet usage, they may come across events as we will tell you now.

A child who spent most of his time on the internet donated almost all of his mother’s savings over the years to broadcasters on Twitch. The amount of this donation was approximately 20 thousand dollars. The fact that the little boy made this spend in just 17 days reveals how wildly attached he is to Twitch streamers.

According to the information obtained, the little boy donated his mother’s savings over the years to people such as Tfue, Meyers Leonard, Kurt Benkert, Ewokttv and Gorb. The unfortunate mother, who realized the situation much later, was able to get her money back after long efforts. However, this happened on a condition that would not please the little boy.

The mother, who does not reveal her name, states that the most difficult thing in this process is to communicate with Twitch. The unfortunate mom filled out a help form to reach Twitch and even reached out to Twitch CEO Emmett Shear via her corporate email address. However, he did not get any answer. The mother, who searched for the remedy on Reddit, managed to reach the authorities after encountering a post that Twitch had to contact the payment service company “Xsolla”.

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The mother, who provided access to the Xsolla team via live chat, said that the refund could only be made in some way. This requirement included permanently closing the bank account in question against unauthorized payments. The unfortunate woman, who accepted the condition presented to her without thinking, was able to get her money in this way.

In the statements made by the mother, she says that her child regrets what she did and that she decided to go to the counselor. In addition, the child also agreed to do sports and useful activities throughout the day and to spend only 1 hour of the day in front of the computer, provided that he behaves well to his parents. It seems that the little boy has learned a solid lesson from his experiences.


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