Donald Trump vetoed the defense budget


The incumbent US President Donald Trump has, as expected, vetoed the defense budget decided by Congress. He could not support the law, Trump said on Wednesday.

Among other things, he criticized the fact that online platforms would not be more strictly regulated with the comprehensive legislative package. He also criticized the fact that the possible renaming of military bases does not respect the history of the armed forces. Trump also criticized the attempt to legally limit the withdrawal of soldiers from Afghanistan, South Korea and Germany that he ordered.

Trump had already announced his veto. His blockade could, however, be overruled by a two-thirds majority in the House of Representatives and in the Senate – that is, in both chambers of Congress. Both chambers had originally passed the package with more than a two-thirds majority each.

The legislative package on the defense budget contains more than 4,500 pages and provides for a budget of around 740 billion dollars (around 610 billion euros). As usual in the USA, the package also deals with numerous regulations that are not directly related to the financing of the armed forces.


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