Donald Trump threatens to use army to end protests


US President Donald Trump has threatened to use the Army to end the demonstrations that have taken place across the country due to the death of George Floyd, an African American citizen who died while in Minneapolis police custody, advances to ‘ BBC ‘.

Trump said the cities and, consequently, the governors of the American states have failed to control the protests and “defend the residents”. By sending the army to the largest outbreaks of protests that have spread across the country, the president of the United States promises to “quickly resolve the problem for them.”

The American president went further and guaranteed that all Americans have the right to be “disgusted by the brutal death of George Floyd” but that this does not mean that his memory may disappear with a “furious crowd” and described the acts as a “total disgrace”.

“I will send thousands upon thousands of heavily armed soldiers, military personnel and law enforcement officers to prevent the riots, vandalism, aggression and arbitrary destruction of property,” said Trump before blaming the anti-fascist group Antifa for the demonstrations.

According to the BBC, Donald Trump has promised to send the National Guard and military forces in reserve “in sufficient numbers to dominate the streets”, and to date nearly 16,000 soldiers have been dispatched to end the riots.

By sending the army to the cities most affected by the demonstrations, Trump intends to declare that “terror organizations [protesters] will face severe criminal penalties”.

Allegedly, Floyd’s death came after he tried to buy tobacco on a fake note. Policeman Derek Chauvin, who is seen in the video that circulated on social media, remained on top of Floyd’s neck, even after he said he could not breathe and is now accused of third-degree murder. The other three policemen involved were suspended after the video was made known.

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To date, the riots have caused the death of two protesters in Chicago and four policemen have been targeted during the protests of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. Due to the protests, many cities imposed a curfew.

White House hides Trump in bunker

On Friday, May 29, protests intensified outside the White House and presidential security guards took Donald Trump to a bunker for an hour to ensure his safety. Also the first lady, Melania Trump and the couple’s youngest son, were taken to the same bunker.

All employees who went to work this Monday, June 1, had to hide their identification and service entry cards in order to prevent them from being stolen by the protesters. According to ‘CNN’, the order came directly from the Secret Services.


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