Donald Trump stops US funding for WHO


Last Tuesday (14), the President of the United States, Donald Trump, announced the budget cut destined for the World Health Organization until his administration thoroughly details the institution’s responses to the covid-19 pandemic. The figures reach around US $ 500 million per year.

According to him, other countries and official health entities will be consulted to determine the destination of the resources – which represent 15% of the WHO budget. “Today, I am instructing my team to stop funding from the World Health Organization while an investigation is being conducted to assess the institution’s role in the dissemination of the coronavirus, the result of severe mismanagement and cover-up.” The suspension can last for 60 days.

Also according to the president, the pandemic could have been contained with few deaths if WHO had been suspicious of the information provided by China. “The organization failed to properly investigate reports from sources in Wuhan that directly confronted the Chinese government,” referring to the suspected possibility of human-to-human contamination that had already arisen in December 2019. “This delay in declaring a health emergency took time. valuable”.

The Washington Post recalls that even after January 30, 2020, after the WHO declared an emergency, Donald Trump compared the covid-19 to a flu and only recommended distance in mid-March. In addition, on January 24, Trump publicly praised China for its transparency: “The country has been working hard to contain the coronavirus,” he said on Twitter.

Finally, the president declared that he was against WHO guidelines and banned travel to China, which may have saved lives. “The organization told us to cancel the ban, which did not need this. ‘Do not do it’. They really tried ”. There are no public records of such recommendations.


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