Donald Trump: I saw proof that the coronavirus came out of Wuhan

President Donald Trump answers questions from reporters during a event about protecting seniors, in the East Room of the White House, Thursday, April 30, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

US President Donald Trump has announced that he has evidence that the coronavirus (Covid-19) is leaving a laboratory in Wuhan, China, but cannot share it right now.

Trump answered current questions at the panel on “protecting the elderly” held at the White House. Regarding the allegations that Covid-19 was leaving a lab in Wuhan, he said to Trump, “Have you seen a high degree of confidence that Wuhan Virology Institute is the source of the virus?” “Yes, I saw,” he replied to the question.

When journalists insisted on their questions, Trump said, “Even though China has done this deliberately or accidentally, our researchers are working on this. I can’t tell you more now.”

‘World Health Organization Should Be Self-Embarrassed’
Trump uploaded to the WHO on the Covid-19 outbreak, “WHO should be ashamed of itself because it works like China’s public relations agency. While we give this organization almost 500 million dollars each year, China only pays $ 38 million. More or less difference “WHO cannot have an excuse when people make terrible mistakes, especially those that cause hundreds of thousands of deaths in the world.”

Trump argued that the United States invested billions of dollars in China and China did not give anything to the United States, and said, “China has not even given us 10 cents.”

‘China Does Not Want Me To Be President’
“China does not want me to be elected president again,” Trump said, saying that he wants the Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden to be elected instead of China in the November elections.

“This virus could be stopped in China. Now all over the world. We are not happy with these things,” added Trump, stating that the Covid-19 epidemic occurred after a commercial agreement with China.


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