Donald Trump refuses to declare himself defeated


Elections United States 2020: Despite the great advantage of Joe Biden (264 votes), Donald Trump refuses to accept defeat even with only 214 votes.

Declaring that the election has been lost is an action that is usually carried out before it is officially announced that the opponent has won, but in these United States elections, Donald Trump has refused to declare himself the loser, despite the considerable advantage of Democrat Joe Biden, who is missing only 6 electoral votes.

Donald Trump refuses to admit defeat saying that “the elections are not over” despite Biden’s gains, in fact Donald Trump’s campaign team has claimed that only meteorologists are beginning to call Joe Biden the next president of the United States.

The US president’s team said Joe Biden had only been called the winner because of a “false projection … based on results in four states that are far from final.”

“Georgia is heading for a recount, where we are confident that we will find improperly collected ballots, and where President Trump will ultimately prevail,” also added Matt Morgan. volunteer legal observers had meaningful access to vote counting sites. ”

Joe Biden takes the lead in Pennsylvania

Morgan issued the statement after Biden led Trump in the Pennsylvania count shortly after 9 a.m. during the morning of Friday, November 6. Action that led to the officially approved Decision Desk HQ tipster to appoint him president-elect of the United States.

The Trump campaign statement also focused on ongoing counts in Nevada, saying that “there appear to be thousands of people casting votes by mail incorrectly” in Silver state.

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Winning all 20 votes from the Pennsylvania Electoral College would instantly put Biden over the 270 he needs to win by all current forecasts.


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