Donald Trump gave TikTok until 15 September for sale


US President Donald Trump seems determined to continue dealing with TikTok. Stating that the social media platform will prohibit its activities in the past days, the President of the USA did not implement this promise; however, he stated that he gave ByteDance until 15 September to sell his TikTok. Trump’s deadline also coincides with the 45-day window that Microsoft negotiated to purchase TikTok. Microsoft had confirmed this with a blog post.

Making a statement on the subject during a ceremony held at the White House, Trump stated that Microsoft or another “big”, “safe” and “very American” company should purchase TikTok. US President; he argued that this acquisition should not only be limited to TikTok’s operations in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, but should also cover the entire social network. Trump stated that a 30 percent purchase would be “very complicated”.

Trump argued that a substantial amount of this sales price should also be entered into the US treasury’s safe. The President of the USA has not made a statement about what this word means. But he likened the relationship between the American government and companies to the relationship between landlords and tenants.

Trump used the following statements: “If we don’t give them to them already, they have no rights. So if we are going to give them rights, they have to bring money to this country. This is a bit like a landlord-tenant relationship. The tenant will not have anything without rent. ”

Trump stated that until September 15, if Microsoft or anyone else does not buy the company, the social network will be unplugged. The President of the United States stated that the transfer of money from this sale to the country’s treasury. In a statement from Microsoft, it was stated that the possible TikTok purchase is intended to provide tangible economic benefits to the USA, including the US Treasury.

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The Donald Trump administration has been shaking the sword on TikTok for a very long time. Reasons for the possible ban include reasons ranging from punishing the Chinese administration for coronavirus to national security threats.


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