Donald Trump destroys Paty Navidad!


Paty Navidad among the scandals after showing her support for the Donald Trump campaign, social networks explode against her!

Paty Navidad is facing a great wave of criticism on social networks, after having demonstrated her support for the re-election of Donald Trump as president of the United States.

Paty Navidad has long pointed out that Donald Trump is the only political leader who is exempt from the Machiavellian plan on the new world order (NWO) and on a series of crimes committed by the great elites.

A position that has cost her hundreds of criticisms from users who have accused her of being a malinchista, even more so when this president has been accused of promoting racism precisely against Mexicans and African-American people.

They criticize Paty Navidad for supporting Donald Trump
On the other hand, we cannot forget that Donald Trump was recently accused of minimizing the impact of Covid-19 in his country; which apparently has been successful for Paty Navidad, who since the beginning of the pandemic has ensured that the Coronavirus is not fatal.

According to the actress’s statements, the president of the United States is the only one who has had the courage to interpose himself to the “rules” created by the great elites to achieve world control.

“Let’s make America great again”

It was part of Paty Navidad’s message on her social networks, which refers to the main slogan of Donald Trump’s campaign. A publication that has unleashed all kinds of reactions among its followers.

Among the criticisms, it was observed that several users complained to the actress for supporting the president who on several occasions has shown her contempt for the Mexican people; pointing out that she should have a little more dignity before expressing her opinions.

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