Donald Trump Considers Forgiving Edward Snowden


A new statement came about the former CIA employee Edward Snowden, who shook the US agenda with his statements in 2013. In the statements made by US President Donald Trump, it was emphasized that Snowden’s forgiveness would be considered.

Years ago, the US was shocked by the statements of Edward Snowden, a CIA employee. Snowden made important statements to news sources in the country in 2013 and conveyed the work carried out by the CIA. These statements, which consist of highly sensitive information, caused indignation throughout the country and caused Snowden to flee from the USA and take refuge in Russia. Continuing his life in Russia, Snowden still manages to come to the fore with his statements from time to time.

The Snowden issue has always been one of the most important agenda items in the USA. From time to time it was suggested that this person should be caught, while some thought that Snowden was not treated fairly. A new development on this issue took place on the front of US President Donald Trump. Trump announced that he would consider forgiving the former CIA employee.

US officials want Snowden to be handed over to the United States. Because according to them, Snowden should be prosecuted for leaked information. But Donald Trump apparently disagrees with other officials on this issue. Answering the questions posed to him when he met with journalists, Trump stated that he would consider forgiving Snowden. According to Trump, people are divided on Snowden.

Some statements came from Snowden’s lawyer regarding the issue. In the statements made by lawyer Anatoly Kucherena, he stated that it would not be enough for the US administration to forgive Snowden and that the charges against Snowden should be dropped. According to Kucherena, the former CIA employee worked for the good of all humanity, not just the United States, and continues to do so.

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