Donald Trump, who celebrates his 74th birthday this Sunday


Donald Trump, who turns 74, defends himself from being physically diminished. Precautious little steps to descend from a stage, a glass held in both hands … In the United States, one wonders, with a hint of mockery, about the state of health of the president.

Did he get it down well? Well no, precisely. Donald Trump, who celebrates his 74th birthday this Sunday, defended himself from being physically diminished after a video in which he is seen coming down from a scene with very hesitant steps. A sequence that provokes mockery and comments on social networks.

The images were taken on Saturday at the graduation ceremony at the prestigious West Point Military Academy near New York. The American president had just delivered an unusually consensual speech for him, who likes to deviate from the text of his prompter.

Invited to leave the platform where he has just spoken, he then borrows with cautious steps the access ramp, yet in a very slight downward slope.

American media have also noted that he needed to use both hands, in the middle of the same speech, to bring a glass of water to his lips, and that he had struggled to pronounce the name of the general correctly. Douglas MacArthur, hero of the Second World War.

Donald Trump took charge himself, Saturday evening, on Twitter, to answer questions about his state of health. The access ramp to the stage was “very long and steep, had no railing and, above all, was very slippery,” he said, claiming to have been extra careful not to fall, which would have given the media an opportunity to make fun of him. He also pointed out that he had hurtled “running” the last three meters of the ramp. A very relative appreciation …

In the campaign for his re-election, the 74-year-old republican billionaire will face 77-year-old Democrat Joe Biden during the presidential election on November 3 . But if the former vice-president of Barack Obama is three years older, he at least drinks “correctly” is making fun of a surfer.

Since Donald Trump has struggled to quench his thirst, there are countless photos on Twitter showing Barack Obama drinking from a bottle or a glass that he holds with one hand …


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