Domino’s Criticizes Subway After Viral TikToker Peach PRC Found a Nail in Her Submarine


The Peach PRC singer went viral on TikTok after finding a human nail in her Subway sandwich — and even Domino’s is demanding answers from the network.

Peach PRC is a popular singer and social network with millions of subscribers on TikTok, and she used her platform to blow up Subway after a not—so-fresh nail was found in her subwoofer.

In a video from October 16, the pink-haired TikToker explained that she had a hangover and ordered a Subway, but she was not sick because of yesterday’s alcohol.

“I’m going to be fucking sick,” she moaned. “I have such a hangover, and I order Subway, and, my God, there was a nail! It’s not mine. I’m going to be sick.”

After showing the nail to the camera, Peach covered her mouth so that she wouldn’t vomit, but continued to shoot at the Subway about the unwanted stuffing. Users in the comments joined the battle for TikToker, including even Domino’s Pizza, which dealt a blow to its fast food rival.


having the worst time 😀

♬ original sound – peach prc


TikTokers and Domino’s staged a Subway explosion because of a nail in the food
Immediately, users started showing support for Peach and targeted the sandwich chain due to poor cooking.

“Shouldn’t your sandwich artists wear gloves? It doesn’t look like an accident,” one user noted in the comments, noting the chain.

“My brother-in-law also found a nail in his subway many years ago and threw the subway at the ticket office. He was angry,” another commented.

Even Domino joined the action, tagging Subway and demanding to “fix it”, earning a lot of praise from others.

According to Peach, the metro is located in Marrickville, Sydney. So, if you are tuned to the subwoofer at the bottom, you can consider other options.

So far, Subway has not yet responded to all the criticism and has not taken any action to prevent foot-long nails from appearing.

This is not the first time Subway has been criticized in TikTok. Back in September, a user went viral after she found feces in her sandwich.


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