Dominique McElligot reveals interesting facts


Elena and Maeve’s relationship was an important part of the Queen Maeve character arc for season 2 The Boys. Her involvement in the horrific season 1 plane crash once again haunted her new happiness with her old flame.

Dominique McElligott spoke about Queen Maeve’s relationship with Elena. Obviously, she couldn’t confirm any solid plot details for The Boys season 3, but she seemed hopeful about Elena’s possible return.

Dominique McElligott explained that the relationship between her character from The Boys and Elena is complicated, she believes that Queen Maeve feels a deep love for Elena, no matter what happens to her will protect her from her.

She would definitely make a lot of plot sense for Elena to return in season 3 of The Boys. Dominique McElligott’s Maeve’s ex-girlfriend inspired her to be a better person. In many ways.

Although it was clearly shown that Maeve felt extremely guilty after the plane crash, it was the threat to Elena’s safety in The Boys that pushed Dominique McElligott’s Maeve to work to bring Homelander down.

Maeve’s love starring Dominique McElligott for Elena makes her a better person, it would be great to see him again in season 3 of The Boys. Elena and Maeve’s relationship is one of the best on the show so far.

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