Dominion Proves that Fast & Furious Crossover Should Never Take Place


Too long and unnecessary detour to Malta in Jurassic World Dominion proves that the proposed crossover of the Fast & Furious franchise would be a terrible idea. At first glance, a crossover between the Fast and Furious and Jurassic World franchises seems like a good idea. The Fast and the Furious franchise has gradually become more ridiculous and far-fetched with each new sequel, and the possible plot of the Fast and the Furious about time travel looks more and more likely as the series progresses.

The Jurassic World franchise grew out of a 2015 film that attempted to recreate the horrific disaster from Jurassic Park on a larger scale, into a stranger, more ambitious 2018 sequel that ended with the release of dinosaurs in the human world. By now, both series take place in bizarre, cartoon-like realities, which makes the crossover seem like a smart option. However, Malta’s ill-considered scene in Jurassic World Dominion proved that the franchise cannot combine its appeal with the unique tone of the Fast and the Furious films.

By topic: The crossover “Fast and Furious” with “Jurassic World” is suitable only for one series

In the episode “Malta”, the heroes of Jurassic World meet with a CIA asset to explore the black market of dinosaurs in search of a human clone. As this synopsis suggests, the scene owes less to the original Jurassic Park films and more to Indiana Jones and James Bond, although by the end of the sequence another inspiration becomes more apparent. When the unkillable hero of Jurassic World Dominion, Owen Grady, crashes a motorcycle into a plane to avoid a predator that chases him from the pier, it becomes obvious that Jurassic World Dominion is trying to copy the Fast & Furious series – and a failure. Absurdly excessive and devoid of any meaningful stakes, Jurassic World Dominion’s Malta detour is arguably the worst part of the whole movie and certainly its most pointless.

The Malta episode is proof enough that the crossover between “Jurassic World” and “Fast and Furious” should never happen, because absurd antics at Home and company only make sense in a world where other stupid, unrealistic events are not commonplace. Just as it sounds fun to make a movie about witches fighting aliens or ghosts traveling through time, the idea of mixing the already runaway stunts of the Fast and Furious franchise with the action of dinosaurs from Jurassic World Dominion seems potentially funny. mixing. However, while viewers may swallow the idea of a car driving through one skyscraper and crashing into another, or dinosaurs being set free in a modern city, both of these events occur simultaneously, resulting in a live cartoon that has nothing to do with recognizable reality.

There are practically no stakes in the actions of Jurassic World Dominion, as Owen’s ability to control a motorcycle on a taking-off plane makes the threat of dinosaurs meaningless. Dinosaurs aren’t scary if the people they’re chasing can’t be killed, and the stars of the Fast and Furious franchise aren’t interesting if they’re almost indestructible and thus can perform tricks that would kill any normal person. The Fast and Furious and Jurassic World franchises simply don’t fit the tone, as the Maltese episode of Jurassic World Dominion proves throughout its long running time.