Dominic laughs: Mia Harrison wants high-heeled shoes for her birthday


Mia Rose Harrison (4) has very specific ideas… Sarah (31) and Dominic Harrison (31) are very proud of their children. The influential couple has been documenting the milestones of toddlers since the birth of their two daughters, Mia and Kayla. At the end of August, for example, they celebrated the enrollment of their eldest daughter. Soon she will also celebrate her fifth birthday — Mia already knows what she wants!

“Shoes with a nipple — she means high heels. Mia wants high heels when she turns five,” Dominic said, shaking his head and smiling in his Instagram story. For the father of two children, one thing is clear: he can wait a few more years! For a 31-year-old guy, time flies very fast.

When Mia went to school, YouTube shared emotional words with its community. “I do not know whether to laugh or cry,” Dominic wrote. Because, on the one hand, he is happy about the new chapter of his daughter, and on the other hand, it is incredible how quickly the enrollment came to school.


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