Domestic Bitcoin Analyst Warns: This Week is Dangerous, Be Careful!


Rookie, a local cryptocurrency analyst; He announced that the price of bitcoin could go down again.

Rookie commented on the weekly outlook of Bitcoin in his new video he shared on Crypto. Rookie said in the video he released last week that it is “too early for an upward move” in Bitcoin and said that the uncertainty in the market may lead to a drop in price. Rookie was right in this interpretation and Bitcoin price started to fall in the following days.

Weekly Review
Rookie said that Bitcoin is moving horizontally between 8,500 and 10 thousand dollars for now; He states that if Bitcoin falls below $ 8,500, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the levels of 7 thousand 800 and 8 thousand 200 dollars.

It seems that the next stop will be 8 thousand 200 dollars if Bitcoin, which has been hovering above 8 thousand 800 dollars, falls below the support of 8 thousand 600 dollars. According to Rookie, investors should pay particular attention to these three levels this week (8,500, 8 thousand 200 and 7 thousand 800).

First Target 8 thousand 900
Bitcoin price fell below $ 8 thousand 900 a few hours ago, and is now trying to rise above that level again. According to Rookie, the fact that Bitcoin has fallen below the support level of 8 thousand 860 means that the next resistance is 8 thousand 900.

According to his comments, the next levels of Bitcoin may be 9 thousand 300, 9 thousand 500 and 10 thousand dollars, respectively. But Rookie, who says we are in a “horizontal market” at the moment, warns investors by stating that “it can be very dangerous”.


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