Dom: Amazon Original Brazilian Series Premieres This Friday (4)


Dom: Amazon Prime Video released an unprecedented video behind the scenes of the Brazilian series Dom. The production premieres this Friday, June 4th, and features a crime drama inspired by the true story of father and son who are on opposite sides in the war on drugs in Rio de Janeiro. The series has eight one-hour episodes each.

The work stars Gabriel Leone, Flávio Tolezani, Raquel Villar, Isabella Santoni, among other incredible actors and actresses. Dom is directed by Vicente Kubrusly and Breno Silveira, who is also a producer and leads the writing team formed by Fábio Mendes, Higia Ikeda, Carolina Neves and Marcelo Vindicatto. The series is produced by Renata Brandão and Ramona Bakker, from the production company Convisão. The original soundtrack is produced by Antônio Pinto and Gabriel Ferreira.

The clip is part of the extra content, available through X-Ray. This Prime Video feature features information and footage about the series and cast, with testimonials from directors and producers.

Check out the full trailer for Dom:

Synopsis of the Dom series:

Dom tells the story of a middle-class boy in Rio who was introduced to cocaine in his teens and ended up becoming the leader of a criminal gang that dominated the Rio tabloids in the early 2000s, named Pedro Dom.

The production also follows Pedro’s father, Victor Dantas, who is part of the police intelligence service. This journey between father and son living opposite lives can often end up mirroring and complementing each other, as both face situations that blur the lines between right and wrong.


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