Dolly Parton Joined TikTok: “I’ve arrived!”


Dolly Parton has officially joined TikTok.

The singer shared six videos on the platform to welcome subscribers to her account, 370,000 people are already following the legend of the country.

“I’ve arrived!” she captioned her first video, which was the soundtrack to her hit “9 To 5,” adding: “Hi TikTok! This is Dolly.

Five subsequent videos were published, including a video message from the singer asking her to “click the Subscribe button and follow the news,” as well as videos from her entire career.

Earlier this year, Dodge Kat and Dolly Parton appeared in a new TikTok musical for Taco Bell about the infamous Mexican pizza chain.

Mexican Pizza: The musical was shown on the social network on May 26 to celebrate the return of a previously discontinued and much-loved dish to the fast food chain menu.

Doja Cat was a well-known supporter of Mexican pizza, having written a “contract” rap for Taco Bell in 2020, when this item was removed from the menu. “I’ll kill you if you ever dare to stop production,” she read in the jingle, adding: “It’s not even Mexican food.”

The seeds of “Mexican Pizza: The Musical” were sown when TikTok comedian Victor Kunda took a jingle and created a parody version of a musical about Mexican pizza starring Dodge Cat.

Elsewhere, last month, Dolly Parton was awarded $100 million (£84.8 million) by Jeff Bezos to charity after the Amazon founder announced plans to give away most of his fortune.

The country music icon will be able to donate money to charities of his choice after it was announced that Bezos had promised to give away most of his $124 billion (£105 billion) fortune.

In 2020, Parton donated $1 million (844 million pounds) for successful research of a vaccine against Covid-19.


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