Dolby Vision Support Added to Google Play Movies


Before the HDR10 + feature expected to come to Google Play Movies, Google Play surprised the users and added Dolby Vision support to Google Play Movies.

As you know, HDR wars have been going on in the Stream world for a long time. HDR10 + and Dolby Vision, two leading technologies in HD display, have been racing for a while to bring more vivid colors and more realistic viewing experience to our screens. Of course, it is worth noting that not all video distributor companies support these technologies. In this context, reaching a 4K HDR image mostly depends on the TV brand or video device you use.

According to the newly revealed information, the Dolby Vision logo began to appear on the Android television device called Nvidia Shield. According to the information, Dolby Vision supported version of the Joker movie, which was released in Europe and America last year, can be purchased on Google Play Movies. It is not clear at the moment which other movies have Dolby Vision support.

Joker purchase page with Dolby Vision logo on Google Play Movies:
“Google Play Movies & TV is a great and important UHD video distribution app and now will support HDR10 + technology for UHD content. By 2020, users will be able to enjoy the content offered by large studios in UHD quality.” had made statements. Last December, some hints of Dolby Vision were found in the codes of the Google Play Movies app. Still, Google surprisingly brought its support to Dolby Vision before HDR10 +, which surprised its users a lot.

However, Apple TV and Amazon’s The Amazon Fire TV Stick device was already supporting this technology. In addition to Apple and Amazon, TV manufacturers such as LG, Panasonic, Philips, Vizio, and Sony were adding Dolby Vision support to their products as a market standard. So we can say that Google Play took a little bit of a late step in this regard, but whatever they say is not too difficult. With HDR10 + to be added next to Dolby Vision this year, Google seems to be able to create a larger user base and market share by combining two technologies on one platform.


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