Dolby Vision Hdr Technology Is Now On Game Consoles!


News that will delight console players! Microsoft has announced that it will support Dolby Vision HDR technology on game consoles.


Game console companies have to improve themselves every day compared to their competitors in order to offer a better experience to players. Companies compete with each other in order to offer a higher quality image to the players. In this race, Microsoft seems to have taken the lead with a statement released today. The company announced that, as a first for game consoles, Xbox devices will support Dolby Vision HDR technology.

Dolby Vision technology on Xbox consoles!

Microsoft announced today that it has brought Dolby Vision game support, which it has been testing since May, to Xbox Series X/S consoles. This support will be available in more than 100 HDR games in the first stage.

Xbox has been supporting the HDR10 standard for years, With this step, Dolby Vision Gaming technology was first supported on Xbox consoles. Microsoft claims that it will provide users with brighter highlights, sharper contrast and more vibrant colors and provide a higher quality gaming experience.

In the statement made by Microsoft, the following statements were included:

Today there are more than 100 next-gen Dolby Vision HDR games optimized for the Xbox X/S Series featuring Dolby Vision technology, and in the future you will see more games like Halo Infinite take full advantage of Dolby Vision.

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Microsoft is also developing new integrated visual enhancement projects that use Dolby Vision technology to deliver an enhanced visual experience in thousands of existing HDR10 and Auto HDR games. Soon, we will see Dolby Vision technology in other games on Xbox consoles. Developers can integrate Dolby Vision into their game engines or take advantage of the Dolby Vision technology built into the Xbox developer platform.

How can I use Dolby Vision technology?

You need a Dolby Vision HDR compatible TV to take advantage of this new feature on Xbox Series X/S consoles. Microsoft also recommends enabling automatic low latency mode (ALLM). Compatible with Dolby Vision, ALLM, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and 120Hz games.

You can check Settings > General > TV & viewing options > 4K TV details to see if your TV supports Dolby Vision. You can also enable Dolby Vision game support in Settings > General > TV & display options > Video Modes > Dolby Vision in Games. Your TV’s software may need to be updated to enable Dolby Vision or 120Hz modes.


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