DokeV: Producer Reveals Game Mechanics And Systems To Voxel


DokeV is, at the same time, one of the most awaited and most mysterious games today. With visually stunning trailers, much of your gameplay remains shrouded in riddles, but we’re here to help solve that mystery!

At the invitation of the game’s national advisors, we had the opportunity to talk exclusively with Sangyoung Kim, the lead producer of DokeV, and immerse ourselves in their little world. Check out how our conversation went:

It’s no exaggeration to believe that DokeV had the most eye-catching trailer from the last GamesCom, thanks in large part to its graphics that are way above what we’re used to seeing in the new gen. How did the team manage to achieve such high quality?

Sangyoung Kim: We believe that visual detail says a lot about the quality of our game development. The details create an immersive experience and we’ve always worked hard to fulfill Pearl Abyss’ mission to continually improve the player experience.

There’s been a bit of confusion about the game’s genre, which even changed from an MMORPG to an open world adventure collecting monsters, right? How will the gameplay work, and what motivated this change of course?

Sangyoung Kim: We thought about the direction of game development while we were working on DokeV. As a result, we concluded that the open world action adventure genre could be used to express our vision for the game. Now we’re moving in the direction of enjoying diverse gameplay in a vast open world.