DokeV is Pearl Abyss’ new ‘cute’ Action MMORPG


The South Korean developer Pearl Abyss showed, this Wednesday (25), during Gamescom 2021, a trailer with gameplay from DokeV. The game mixes MMORPG, action and open world elements.

The objective of the title, which uses a Pearl Abyss engine, is to capture collectible creatures called “Dokebi”. The game drew attention for its cute look and radical gameplay. Check out the video below.

The Dokebi are legendary creatures of Korean mythology and folklore who, according to legends, live in harmony with human beings and help them to stimulate dreams, from which they gain strength.

According to the developer, the creatures “represent all the mundane passions and dreams of humans and can bestow strength and courage on those they actively support.”

Among the game’s features are a real-time combat system, boss fights, various transport vehicles, fishing activities and special equipment that will have unique effects.

DokeV is still in development for PC and consoles and has no official release date yet.


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