DokeV Gains News: Game Is Similar To Pokémon With A Focus On Exploration


During the Future Games Show at Gamescom 2021, DokeV developers gave more details on what the game will look like. According to the creators, the player can explore a very realistic world inspired by cultural elements of South Korea while capturing and fighting against Dokebis, creatures derived from South Korean folklore who are spiritual entities that want to make dreams come true (something that can be good and cause problems too).

DokeV began production as an MMORPG, but became a midway exploration adventure game that follows the structure of Pokémon. Players will fight and conquer new Dokebis during the journey, which has a very wide open world and several cities to explore. Check out:

Exploration is as crucial as combat

According to the game’s developers, the idea is to bring the feeling of exploration we have in childhood, meeting new places and people along the way. To find some Dokebis, it’s crucial to connect with the people of this universe and look for specific tips for spiritual entities to appear.

Because of this, the team at Pearl Abyss thought of several mechanics that reward users to have fun while walking around the world, such as gaining new ways to get around (jet-skis, flying umbrellas, vehicles and more) that need to be achieved in very different ways.

The devs revealed that the world will be filled with content that helps players figure out where the campaign is going, plus lots of special cities and locations made to be realistic (and thus make users feel like they’re in a real world) and stuffed with elements of South Korean culture.

action-packed combat

During the video, Pearl Abyss revealed that the combat has the company’s formula (which has Black Desert in the portfolio), with real-time action, many stylized effects and full of exaggerations to be comprehensive for various audiences. The fights involve fighting Dokebis alongside other Dokebis that the player conquers throughout the adventure.

DokeV is slated to hit consoles and PCs in 2022.


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