Doji Kat’s painted face and false claws are the best part of Paris Fashion Week — see photos


After making her August debut with shaved Dodge eyebrows, Kat really took her eye makeup to a new level. Her whole face became a canvas, and the superstar presented a beautiful, creative glamour. During Paris Fashion Week this year, she added an impressive makeup collection.

For an appearance at the exhibition, MÔNOT Doja Cat looks otherworldly. Her ethereal glamour featured white face paint with a blue outline and a bold red lip. She was wearing a black fabric dress with a scent, but complemented it with blue body paint along her arms. The circular pattern on her hands expanded to her brushes, and she added artificial claws for makeup.

Dodge attributed the glamour of MUA to Laurel Charleston. Hairdresser JStarReady increased Doji’s hair, and Sakcha took care of Doji’s nails. She shared a few additional shots of her look on Instagram, showing off the outfit’s shiny accessories, including pendant earrings and a diamond necklace.

Doji’s glamorous team worked hard during PFW. Prior to her make-up look, she sat in the front row at Vivienne Westwood in layered clothing with graphic eye makeup. According to Laurel’s Instagram, the image was created using Danessa Myricks Colorfix in black and VU Studio Taboo Liner in black. The image was further complemented by eyelashes from Rokael.

Dodge Kat wasn’t the only celebrity present at Vivienne Westwood. In the photos from the front row, you could see that she was sitting next to Halsey, who was dressed all in red, as well as with Sandara Park, Coco Rocha, Evan Mock and Gray Sorrenti.

As fans remember, Dodge Cat first shaved off her eyebrows on Instagram Live. During the August video, she explained the reason for the transformation by writing: “I feel like I should never have had hair. For example, I don’t like hair.”

She continued by saying, “I’ve never liked hair. I can’t tell you once, from the very beginning of my life, that I’ve ever said: “That’s cool.” I just don’t like having hair.” Her decision to shave off her eyebrows came shortly after she chose a buzzing cat.


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