Doja Cat criticizes Trolls who criticized her shaved head and eyebrows: “Fuck you”


Clap back. Doji Kat has a few words for those who criticized her decision to shave her head and eyebrows.

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The 26-year-old singer responded to trolls via Twitter on Sunday, August 14, telling haters: “Go fuck yourself.”

“I won a Grammy and traveled the fucking world. I had No. 1 and I went platinum,” she wrote. “I’m doing hit after hit after hit and you all want me to look fucking good for you so you can go home and jerk off your c-ks all day while you live in your mother’s basement. Fuck you.”

Doji’s sharp post on social media appeared after she debuted with a short haircut on August 4. “I should never have had hair,” the artist told her followers via Instagram Live. “I don’t like hair… I can’t tell you once from the very beginning of my life that I’ve ever said: “That’s cool.” I just don’t like the hair.”

Opening up further, Doja said her hair was preventing her from exercising because her wigs were “slipping” and “peeling off” from her head due to moisture from sweat. “I couldn’t concentrate because I was more concerned about how I looked and how my hair looked,” the California native admitted.

She continued, “I can’t believe it took me so long to say, ‘Shave your fucking head.’ Because, first of all, I don’t wear hair. You guys have seen me wearing my natural hair, I’ve had, like, two eras where my hair was loose… It’s just a nightmare. I’m done with this… What’s the point of having hair if you’re not going to wear it?”

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Dodge explained that her big chop will allow her to enjoy fitness and give her the freedom to change her appearance whenever she wants.

“If I want to get a short haircut, I can do any color without putting it on my head… I can make a wig with a short haircut. In any case, everything is much simpler,” she shared.

Also during Instagram Live, the “Woman” artist shaved off her eyebrows.

Proving how versatile her new look is, Dodge has since introduced a series of different eyebrow designs. On August 6, the musician of “Rules” published a photo in which she swings a floral pattern over her eyes, and on Sunday — an image of an apple.

While some criticize the Billboard Music Award winner’s new aesthetic, her devoted fans like her.

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“This makeup is sooo elite,” a fan wrote on Instagram in response to her apple eyebrow design. “Absolute qweeen. I love you,” commented the second fan.

A third fan hailed Doji’s sincerity, writing: “I like that she doesn’t always pretend to be perfect and doesn’t think so highly of herself, because many celebrities edit their photos, and this makes teenage girls so insecure, so I will [ Dodge] idc.


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