Doja Cat apparently lost 200,000 followers on Instagram due to the drama with Noah Schnapp from “Very Strange Cases”

Dodge Cat and Noah Schnapp. David Fisher/Shutterstock; Rob Latour/Shutterstock
Amid the ongoing feud between Doji Kat and Noah Schnapp, the singer’s subscribers on social networks have suffered.

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The 26-year-old singer Woman allegedly lost 200,000 Instagram followers due to the DM drama, according to an analysis published by Social Blade, according to The Los Angeles Times. The number of Instagram Doji dropped from 24.34 million to 24.14 million earlier this month.
The Grammy winner previously made headlines after publicly criticizing 17-year-old Schnapp for talking about her crush on his colleague on the TV series “Very Strange Things” Joseph Quinn.

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“First of all, let’s try to take it easy,” Doja said during an Instagram Live session earlier this month, nothing that she “didn’t feel comfortable with” when Schnapp shared his DM’s about the 29—year-old Netflix actor. “To be honest, it’s like a child. Noah, I do not know how old he is, but he is not even more than 21 years old. When you’re so young, you make mistakes, you do stupid things. I’m trying to be super honest.”
She added: “You make mistakes [when you’re young]. You have to do things like this so that you know you shouldn’t do it in the future. I’ve done my share of screwups so I won’t screw up again. …But the fact that Noah did this, for example, went and posted a private conversation between me and him, is so incredibly, like, socially ignorant and hit. It’s like borderline snake shit. It’s like a caress.
While the Los Angeles native—real name Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini—made it clear that she didn’t like her private messages being published publicly, Schnapp later recounted the incident.
“Guys, everything is fine, I apologized, and I still follow her and love her music no offense,” the New York native wrote a TikTok comment on Wednesday, July 13, along with a video in which he does math.

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Dodge had previously sent Schnapp a DM asking if he could introduce her to Quinn, who plays Eddie Munson in season 4 of “Very Strange Things.” Schnapp, for his part, shared an exchange in an already deleted TikTok called “Thirst for Dodge.” According to the video of the “Bridge of Spies” actor, Dodge allegedly wrote: “Noah, can you tell Joseph hmm? Wait no. Does he have a girlfriend?” Schnapp, for his part, replied that she should “slip into his private messages.”
While Quinn, for her part, has yet to talk about Doji’s crush, the musician previously tweeted in May that, in her opinion, the Netflix actor is “good as shit.”