Doing 115 percent in a day, lf is the winner of the day


SushiSwap, the popular DeFi protocol of recent days, left Uniswap by moving the majority of its liquidity to Ethereum after the rally. The so-called “exit scam” by its anonymous creator Chef Nomi saw a strong reaction and Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of Ftx, was appointed to SushiSwap’s project management.

While these were happening in SushiSwap, a coin that has been booming in the crypto money market in recent days has made a sound. The coin, called Aelf (ELF), made 170% in just two days, pleasing its investors a lot. Aelf also rose from 135th to 100th by market value during the day.

What Causes Elven Ascension?

Many traders and investors commented on the Elf; Leading trader Crypto Michael also touched on this issue and cited the reason behind the increase.

“Okay understood, the winner of the day is $ ELF, because they’re rolling out the SashimiSwap.

The cryptocurrency market is truly incredible. ”

On the other hand, Santiment stated in a tweet that the ETH-based token is on the radar of traders.

“The underestimated $ ELF has suddenly entered the radar, as it brought 87% returns to traders in the last 24 hours. The ETH-based token, ranked 132th by market value, is experiencing the highest level in 18 months in address activity, but the fact that it has not become one of the most talked about coins means that it is still an area to develop. “

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