Dogecoin price analysis: Important breakout in DOGE


Dogecoin has gained significant movement since yesterday. Cryptocurrency increased from $0.27 to $0.31 with the effect of the general rise in the market. The price, which decreased a little later, is $ 0.2975 as of 19.30 TSI. Will Dogecoin make the move expected from it? Which levels are important when watching price movements in DOGE? The current technical view in DOGE is as follows:


The main support level was tested 3 times with the Descending Wedge formation in the uptrend it created in the medium and long term. The Descending Wedge has broken up. If the rise continues, it can continue to the Harmonic CRAB Pattern formation level at 0.3714 and then to the main resistance area of 0.43100 – 0.44834. On the declines, the support levels we will follow are 0.2650 and 0.23314. Buying opportunity can be followed at these levels.

Dogecoin chart: DOGE/USDT, 4 hours


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