Dogecoin: Founder Reveals How Much He Owns Of The Cryptocurrency


Dogecoin: Billy Markus, co-founder of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency, revealed last Sunday (26) how much of the coin he has in his wallet. The initiative to reveal the value is intended to ward off speculation that it would be manipulating the currency’s development.

In a Twitter post, Markus said: “One more reminder: I don’t speak for Dogecoin. I’m not on the project. I am a member of the community. I have about 220,000 DOGE [equivalent to R$ 239,000 at the current price]”, he revealed.

He reinforces that he is still concerned about the development of the currency, despite not wanting to return to the crypto market. “Working on an encryption project is terrible because I’ve really found that the more you do for people, the more rights they have and the worse they treat you,” said Markus. “I really respect developers for volunteering to do this all these years,” he said.

“I’m going to defend those who I believe are making the space better, and I’m going to discourage those who I think aren’t. And I’m going to talk about what I want,” he said.