Dog obsessed with the Lion King goes viral for his reaction


A dog obsessed with The Lion King has become a TikTok star. Owner Carly Pither, 33, claims one-year-old Bruce fell in love with big cats while watching a wildlife documentary.

Now, The Lion King has become her favorite movie and she has seen the Disney classic hundreds of times.

Her reaction to the death of Simba’s father, Mufasa, jumping while barking at the TV, has been one of the most viewed TikTok videos.

“He is obsessed with this movie. When Mufasa dies, he reacts the same way each time. It’s like she knows what’s going on. He is mesmerized and every time I play the movie he sits down to watch it.

We have reached the point where if we want to see something else on television we have to see it on the cell phone, not on the television, “Carly tells The Mirror.

“If he’s playful, we put the movie on him and he stops completely. It prevents furniture from breaking ”.

Carly, a nurse assistant, and her partner, electrician Alfie Paterson, 32, say Bruce has become a local celebrity in his UK hometown of Northampton.

“The kids on our street have been knocking on the door asking to play with him,” adds Pither.

As TikTok comments show, people are quite surprised when they see how he reacts to the lions and they find it fantastic.

“An American woman asked if all English dogs do this, but I’m pretty sure they don’t and Bruce is quite unique.”

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