Does Yook Sung-Jae Try To Help a Girl, Make It More Embarrassing?


Does Yook Sung-jae try to help a girl make it more embarrassing? Are there any K-pop idol moments that seem respectful but are actually embarrassing?

Yook Sung-jae helps the girl in the short skirt. Do you think this is normal? While it may be considered normal and sweet for some, I think it’s a pretty embarrassing moment.

When the girl is uncomfortable enough, it makes her even more uncomfortable to fix her skirt by sticking it in people’s eyes. Many of you are wondering how these embarrassing moments happen. That can happen sometimes. But this is by no means a sweet and respectful right. The girl is uncomfortable in the short skirt and Sunjae’s act of helping her makes the situation more revealing and critical.

If you practically think of it as a girl, you can immediately understand what this means.


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