Does Thriller Keep Falling on Your Smartphone? Check Out These Fixes


Does the thriller keep falling? We have compiled a list of the best solutions to the most common problems.

Gaining popularity in 2020 as a competitor to a similar social network for sharing short videos TikTok, Triller expanded to live music and sports events, which allowed it to reach a completely new audience. By giving users the ability to create music videos, skits, lip sync with background music, and more, Triller offers many features for those who like to create and watch short videos, but also focus on live content.

The thriller keeps falling

Connectivity issues are most common for services that require an internet connection to stream content. You may have trouble connecting to any streaming service on your device, be it audio, video, or both. Make sure that your phone or tablet is not in airplane mode and that your Wi-Fi connection or data transfer is secure.

Sometimes closing and restarting the application solves the problem. If it’s not, the next step should be to reboot the device, especially if you last did it some time ago. A simple restart often fixes most of the problems that are not solved by restarting the application.

How to Reboot most Android and iOS devices
Hold the power button on your device.
Press the restart button on the screen when it appears.
Confirm and wait for the device to reboot.
Open Triller and make sure it works.
Clearing the Thriller Cache

If restarting does not solve the problem, the next step should be to clear the application cache. Clearing the app cache is a great way to update it without reinstalling it on the device. It deletes files uploaded by the application to save time and can solve any problems you have.

Tap and hold the Settings app icon.
Select Apps and find Triller.
Select the Storage and Clear the Cache.
Restart the app and log in again.
Reinstall Thriller

If the app still doesn’t work, try deleting it and installing it again. Sometimes files can be corrupted during an upgrade; a new installation will fix this if clearing the cache didn’t.

Open the Play Store or App Store and find Triller.
Select Triller, and then click “Delete” in the available options.
Confirm that you want to remove it, and then click Install to reinstall it.
Log in again and confirm that Triller is running.

If you have completed all the steps described above and Triller still needs fixing, you may need to wait for an update for your device. Try using Triller on another device to determine if the problem is related to the device. Please let us know if you have a problem or a solution that we still need to cover.


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