Does the double mask protect? Striking result in the study


The use of masks and maintaining social distance is almost the only solution to avoid coronavirus. Although the vaccines developed give hope, for now, compliance with individual precautions and warnings is life-saving measures. Experts, who often warn about the use of quality masks, constantly express that the use of double masks is also effective against the epidemic. The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention put an end to the question marks on this subject.

Revealing that the use of double masks significantly increased protection from Covid-19, the center found that it can prevent infectious particles by 92.5 percent.

Knotting the mask is also effective

New data from the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention showed that the use of fabric or disposable surgical masks in pairs significantly increases protection from Covid-19.

The researchers also announced some methods to increase the effect of using medical masks. According to this; The edges of the mask can be folded inward and knotted into the rubber to reduce gap.

The knotted medical mask can block 63 percent of aerosols, which are likely to contain corona virus. It was announced that this rate remained at 42 percent when this transaction was not taken.

While the data are included in the CDC’s Weekly Report on Disease and Death, it is stated that the researchers have tested the use of double masks and the knotting method since January 2021.

Stating that they use only one brand of surgical and cloth masks in the study, the researchers stated that they do not know whether the same result will be obtained in each brand mask, and that they agree that wearing double masks, even if the rates are different, will provide more protection against the virus.


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