Does Ted Lasso really end in season three? Star Brett Goldstein Shares News about Apple TV+ Hit


TV people are very loyal to their favorite series, but as soon as we fully digest a new TV season, this usually means one thing: immediately look into the future of the specified show. This is a habit that has been haunting viewers for several years, who have found their hours of maximum comfort in the hit Apple TV+, Ted Lasso. For almost the same amount of time, we’ve been hearing (and fearing) that the delightful comedy will end after three seasons, and the third season of Ted Lasso is due to be released later this year as part of the TV program for 2022. But, with the show’s runaway success, will they stick to their original three-year plan? Star Brett Goldstein shared an update on how the third season is going.

What did Ted Lasso’s Brett Goldsten say about the show ending in season three?

Ted Lasso became an instant hit after the premiere of the first season in the summer of 2020, which led to an extension for a third season back in October of the same year. But fans were concerned that the end was near, as we learned that the story as we see it now has a planned three-season arc. Well, guys, get ready, because the news from Roy Kent portraying/screenwriter, Brett Goldstein (who isn’t really CGI) probably won’t give you much hope. When asked by The Times (opens in a new tab) if season 3 is the planned conclusion, Goldstein said:

That’s what we write. Three were planned. Spoiler: Everyone will die.

Sigh. Okay, everyone! Let’s just calm down, okay? As much as I appreciate Goldstein’s attempt to end this rather disappointing update with some levity, I doubt many Ted Lasso viewers will be able to take his comment that Season 3 is written as an end in a hurry. While Ted Lasso himself, Jason Sudeikis, told fans not to worry about a potential Season 4 without even seeing Season 3, at first glance it seems that this upcoming season will be Ted Lasso’s last.

As we all know, it would be extremely unusual for such a popular and critically acclaimed show as Ted Lasso (the show won several Emmy Awards, including “Best Actor in a Comedy” for Sudeikis and “Supporting Actor” for Goldstein) to voluntarily cease to exist. at the beginning of his run. But few shows have been created with a specific beginning, middle and end over the course of three seasons, like Ted Lasso.

I think if Ted Lasso’s season 3 is the end of the AFC road in Richmond, everything will be fine (as long as they redeem Nate). At least we’ll see Ted’s story exactly as it was originally conceived, and get an ending that sums it up for us. However, if you take into account some of the other things that the creators of the series talked about, it’s possible that the larger world that was seen in Ted Lasso can actually continue.

Showrunner Bill Lawrence noted back in the fall of 2021 that viewers can see a story that “may differ” from the one we know and love. This means that Ted and other major players won’t be in the spotlight, but some characters who have played smaller roles in the current story may become headliners of their own story.

We have no idea what this possible plan might entail right now, but I believe Ted Lasso’s team will create something that will give current fans what they want and at the same time delve into some other aspects of the world at large. At this point, we should just be happy knowing that Ted Lasso Season 3 is on the way!