Does Starship recycle outfits? Shownu reminds us of Open Mind


MONSTA X’s Shownu wore an outfit that reminded us a lot of ‘Open Mind’, will it be the same one that Wonho wore? MONSTA X has thrilled the world with the simple act of changing their Spotify cover, the idols are ready to release their new single in English, but their outfits remind us of others from the past.

MONSTA X idols are ready for their next release, ‘One Day’ will be released in just a few days and it will be the track that begins to guide us through the style and concept that their album will have in English, as it is a song in this idiom; And to keep getting excited about this premiere and getting up to date a bit, the idols have released their first concept photo as the cover for Spotify.

A photograph where the color black predominates (less of Jooheon because they did not warn him, LOL), letting us see a new concept of the band and if we compare it a bit with ‘All About Luv’ , their first album completely in English, we can find a wide contrast; but surely the album will show us all the versatility and talent of MX as they have done in each release.

With new music , MONSTA X will conquer the world and we can’t wait any longer for the premiere of their new song and more for their next release.


And the outfits of the members of MONSTA X are trending topics for MONBEBE , they all look incredible but they all reminded us of Wonho too, especially Shownu who shows a few his abs with a crop top very similar to Wonho in his song ‘ Open Mind ‘ .

Let’s take a closer look to see if they are the same.

Well, it’s very similar and on both idols the garment looks pretty good, now MONBEBE wants Shownu to sing and dance ‘Open Mind’, to listen to his with his style. On September 10th, ‘One Day’ will be released, do you have everything ready for the new MONSTA X ?


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