Does Nothing (1) phone come with a charger?

The Nothing Phone (1) has a large battery that charges fast enough, but does the smartphone come with a charger included? Several phone manufacturers have removed the power adapter from accessories included in the retail packaging of their products, and this trend is no longer limited to flagships. OnePlus is one of the few major phone manufacturers that still packs their phones with a charger.
Samsung does not include a charger in the kit of many of its mid-range smartphones, including the Galaxy A13 5G, the cheapest 5G smartphone. Google also no longer supplies flagship Pixel smartphones with a charger, and this trend has also been extended to the Pixel A series, since there is no charger in the Pixel 6a box.
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The Nothing (1) phone is equipped with a 4500 mAh battery to power a 6.5-inch 120 Hz OLED display and a Snapdragon 778G+ processor. Thanks to the support of 33W fast wired charging, nothing says that the phone should be fully charged in a little more than an hour, or to be precise, in 70 minutes. There is also support for 15W wireless charging, but the total charging time is up to 120 minutes. Unfortunately, users will have to buy their own charger regardless of whether they choose wired or wireless charging, since Nothing Phone (1) does not come with a charger included. With the exception of the phone, the only other accessory in the box is a USB-C cable.
Nothing also sells a 45W power adapter
Like other brands that have decided not to include the charger in the package, Nothing sells its own power adapter. The adapter called Nothing Power (45W) is a 45W USB-C power supply that supports Power Delivery (PD) 3.0. When connected to a phone (1), the battery charge can drop from 0 to 65 percent in 30 minutes. In addition, users can use it to charge other devices that support PD 3.0, Quick Charge 4+, Quick Charge 3, Quick Charge 2 and PPS.
The price of Nothing Power (45 Watts) in the UK is 35 pounds (41 US dollars), which may be expensive for some, given that there are other chargers that are cheaper. However, for those who do not plan to purchase their own Nothing charger, the manufacturer recommends using only a power adapter compatible with Quick Charge 4 (1) to charge the Nothing phone. Those who prefer wireless charging can choose a Qi wireless charger instead.
In addition to the charger, Nothing also sells a transparent case and a protective film for the screen of its smartphone. The case costs 25 pounds ($28), and the screen protector is priced at 19 pounds ($22). Both of these accessories are a bit more expensive in terms of price, and it’s only a matter of time before the market is flooded with third-party options that are not only cheaper, but also presented in different styles, at least for the occasion. In addition, there is a screen protector pre-glued on the Nothing Phone (1), so users may not need to buy it.