Does mouse gaming really make a difference?


For many players, a gaming mouse really makes a difference in a gaming computer setup. Offering features that are not available on traditional models, they provide a more complete experience.

These are technical and ergonomic details that help to perform better during matches or even at work. Next, learn about the characteristics that make this device fundamental for players and certain professionals.

Accuracy and Sensitivity

Gamers mice are designed to be very accurate and sensitive. Therefore, manufacturers highlight the number of DPI (Dots Per Inch) that the device detects. Simply put, it represents the frequency with which the optical sensor does the “tracking”.

The higher the DPI count, the faster and more accurate the device’s response to the user’s movements will be. Feature that is great for gamers or professionals who do photo editing.

Currently, most models allow you to change the precision and sensitivity settings to suit the purpose of the game or task. Something that would not be possible to do with traditional accessories.

Extra Customizable Buttons

While traditional mice usually have up to three keys, there are models for games with up to 12 buttons. So, this feature allows the user to configure them according to the game they are playing.

For example, it is possible to map the mouse for quick access to certain spells in an RPG. In the meantime, professionals can configure them to perform certain software commands. In all scenarios, this saves time.

Best Ergonomics

In addition to the items mentioned, ergonomics is one of the greatest attractions of a gamer mouse. Developed for extended use, they aim for comfort when starting or working.

Therefore, they have designs that easily adapt to anyone’s hand. As well as, certain models have rubberized finishes that improve the grip of the palm and fingers during use.

Now that you have discovered the main advantages of a gaming mouse, get to know some models available on the market. Certainly, one of them will match your profile!


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