Does Maisie Williams have a secret twin brother?


Lookalike alert! Maisie Williams looks like two drops of water like a famous actor and you will be surprised to find out who it is.

As we know, almost all celebrities have a lookalike all over the world. Maisie Williams, who recently confided in the pressure to grow up in the spotlight, is no exception. Indeed, the interpreter of the courageous Arya Stark in Game of Thrones could be the twin sister of Asher Angel, an American singer and actor. For those who don’t know, the 18-year-old has been propelled to the fore thanks to his role as Jonah Beck in the Andi series, which airs on Disney Channel. Afterwards, viewers were able to find out in the film Shazam! and her crazy resemblance to the actress shocked them.

As you can see from the Twitter posts above, many internet users have noticed the physical similarities between Maisie Williams and Asher Angel. Some even had fun making a montage of their two faces together to prove how much one and the carbon copy of the other. The fans are thus convinced that the two young actors could easily pass for members of the same family. Collaboration soon? Case to be continued. And for even more news on your favorite stars, we reveal to you if Maisie Williams has already met Sophie Turner’s daughter since her birth.

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