Does Liam Hemsworth hold a grudge against Miley Cyrus?


Liam Hemsworth has created a new opinion about Miley Cyrus due to the way she acted after their separation.

It has been a year since Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth began their divorce proceedings, and since then their lives have changed as they continue to focus on their own projects. The love life of these celebs has also taken a new direction, but how does Liam feel about Miley?

Although the announcement of the marriage between Liam and Miley gave a great surprise to his followers, the rapid separation made an even greater impression. After their divorce they both gave love a new chance, but the way they handled the situation was a bit different.

Because of this, a year after starting his divorce proceedings, Liam Hemsworth’s opinion of Miley has been transformed.

A separation often leads us to seek support from close people and Liam found it in his family. For this reason, the Australian actor has spent a lot of time with them, but he also started a new relationship with Kaitlynn Carter that he has kept quiet.

Meanwhile, Miley showed that there are no filters for her, so according to US Weekly, much of what Liam preferred to keep private ended up coming to light.

Although Liam and Miley have not spoken much to each other since their divorce, it seems that the actor was a bit annoyed that the girl began new love relationships as soon as they separated and that some matters of their relationship ended up becoming topics in the public eye. , so his opinion about who his ex-wife was is currently not the best.

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Meanwhile, Miley has returned to the world of music and recently released a single with a retro vibe under the name Midnight Sky.


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