Does Laeticia Hallyday take care of Johnny’s dog?


Many years after the disappearance of Johnny Hallyday, Cheyenne the rocker’s dog continues to make Laeticia Hallyday happy!

In 2016, Johnny Hallyday took in a little dog named Cheyenne while on a road trip in the United States. A few days ago, Laeticia Hallyday immortalized the latter on Instagram. Obviously, the good mood was there.

For several months, Laeticia Hallyday has been rather discreet in the media. However, she continues to be very active on her Instagram account.

On this social network, the star has a large community with 460,000 subscribers. Her private life continues to intrigue the tabloids as well as her fans.

In 2017, Jade and Joy’s mother had to deal with the disappearance of Johnny Hallyday. In addition to the financial legacy, the rocker also bequeathed him a little dog named Cheyenne.

The adorable black and white doggie crossed paths with Taulier in 2016 while on a road trip with relatives in the United States. Abandoned, it would have taken only a few seconds to capture the heart of the performer of “Envy” who has always adored animals.

Faithful, the latter never left Johnny Hallyday. Many years later, she continues to make Laeticia Hallyday happy but also her daughters. But that’s not all !

The businesswoman also has another dog named Santos, an adorable 10-year-old black Labrador. Very often, she immortalizes herself with her 2 4-legged companions on the Web!

Unsurprisingly, all of the star’s clichés melt Internet users. The widow of Taulier even created an account for them called: @cheyenneandsantos. Class!


This Sunday, January 24, Laeticia Hallyday still cracked her subscribers with a nice photo. Via her Instagram story, Cheyenne and Santos posed with Bono.

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Which as a reminder, is the dog of one of their mistress’s relatives. According to the images, the mother of Jade and Joy spent a pleasant day in their company.

“Happy Sunday,” wrote Pascal Balland’s ex in her post. On a daily basis, it is not uncommon to see the businesswoman strolling with her two dogs in the streets of L.A.

On the Web, she gladly shares her cuddling sessions with her doggies. In good and bad times, Laeticia Hallyday seems to cherish their presence.

Last I heard, the star is reportedly back in the United States. It’s a safe bet that this is just an express passage!

Yes, for several months she has shared the life of Jalil Lespert. And the very close couple never leaves each other. And lovebirds often make beautiful statements on their social networks.

While they travel all over the world, they love to enjoy each other in Marnes la Coquette. In any case, their happiness is a pleasure to see. Case to be continued we tell you!


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