Does Justin Bieber talk about Selena Gomez in the song?


Apparently Justin Bieber can not detach himself from the memories of his ex-partner Selena Gomez and spoke about her in the official video for the song ‘Popstar’ by DJ Khaled in collaboration with Drake.

There are loves that are unforgettable and for many fans, Selena Gomez’s relationship with Justin Bieber is one of them, both of them surprised their followers by revealing that they were dating and after several years together, they finally gave up their comings and goings ending their love story.

Both Justin and Selena have taken different paths and concentrating on improving as artists and people, on the one hand, Gomez created his cosmetics brand, ventured into production and released new music, while Bieber started a new family with his wife Hailey. Baldwin.

On multiple occasions, followers of the ‘Baby’ singer have noticed that her music has some references to Selena Gomez and they have even captured her watching Gomez’s cooking shows.

On September 3 through YouTube, DJ Khaled and Drake released the official video for ‘Popstar’, a collaboration that mixes the perspectives of the two musicians, the clip stars Justin Bieber, a great friend of both.

Throughout the video Justin is walking in a large house, a quite luxurious place where a great party is held with many guests and a very fun atmosphere, but what caught the attention of the fans was the reference of the letter to Gomez.

In an excerpt from ‘Popstar’ she says:

Look, Ariana and Selena look at my visa, you know I can take as many charges as necessary my girl

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Do you think it’s about Selena Gomez?

At the end of the clip Hailey Bieber appears and what Justin experienced during the “Popstar” video seems to have been just a dream. The 8+ minute video also contains exclusive footage from the recording.

‘Popstar’ by DJ Khaled and Drake already has more than 15 million views, the love of Internet users is reflected in the million likes that the clip has, in the comments YouTube users talk about the work of rappers and Bieber’s healthy appearance.

Watch the ‘Popstar’ video:


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