Does it fit in your pocket? Samsung and Dr. Denim launch dedicated jeans for the Galaxy Z Flip 3


Samsung is increasingly betting on fashion to promote the Galaxy Z Flip 3, which was announced as a cell phone dedicated to young people looking for something different. This is even more evident with the new jeans launched by Dr. Denim in partnership with the South Korean, which even have details and a pocket dedicated to the smartphone.


Image: Dr. Denim

The pants named Z Flip Pocket Jeans arrive with a different proposal: abandon the elongated pockets to adopt one in the square format, where the Galaxy Z Flip 3 fits perfectly when folded.

The pants have men’s and women’s models available in various numberings, but they all have a dedicated pocket for the Samsung smartphone and embroidered symbols referencing the Samsung Z series.

Check out the Z Flip Pocket Jeans ad trailer:

The idea is interesting, after all we are seeing cell phones that are getting bigger and harder to keep in your pocket due to the large screens. So this can be an interesting way to promote folding.

The Z Flip Pocket Jeans will have limited availability of 450 units that will be sold with a Galaxy Z Flip 3 together in Australia only. The price of the kit containing the pants and the smartphone is US$1,499.

For comparison purposes, the Galaxy Z Flip 3‘s ad price is $999, so the pants cost about $499, but they won’t be sold separately.

What did you think of this Samsung and Dr. Denim initiative?