Does Billie Eilish support the junk food “diet”?


Billie Eilish’s new music video generated divided comments from social media users.

Singer Billie Eilish released the video for “Therefore I Am”, in which she runs and has fun in an empty mall. When you get to the food court, you start filling yourself with junk food, selecting pretzels, soda, potato chips, and other greasy foods – just what is bad for your health in excess.

Since she directed the video herself, some netizens believe that it may be an indication of her diet. The recording took place in Glendale Galleria, the California shopping center that the 18-year-old singer frequented as a preteen.

Some users stated that the “Bad Guy” singer was promoting a “diet” based on junk food. However, other fans defended Billie, ensuring that the artist is only eating what most young people consume at some point. Also, this music video is a response to all those who have criticized the singer’s body.

We know that Billie Eilish is an example to follow for many of her millions of followers, so it is common for Internet users to be aware of what the young Grammy winner does or says.

Billie Eilish triumphs despite criticism

“Therefore I Am” is Eilish’s fourth single (including the theme song for the upcoming 007 film) after exhausting the repertoire of her debut album, “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”, Which won five trophies in 2020 Grammy Awards, including Best New Artist, Album, Record and Music of the Year.

Last September, she said that her second album would only be released after the coronavirus vaccine became available. Meanwhile, the singer shares some moments of her quarantined life on her social networks, where she has been at home creating more music with her brother Finneas.

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